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Ok, so what is the basic idea?

Toschas is a software development company founded in 2013 currently based in an office in a commercial part of Belgrade, where our employees work, hang out and learn every day. Our group consists of developers, designers and administration.

The company was founded by two engineers with the idea of bringing something new to the market, where all web development agencies look alike. That is why we decided to simultaneously work on producing software and educating people.

Toschas’ educational and development departments have led to more than 20 startup projects (including 5 large SaaS services) and more than 50 organized learning sessions, workshops, and other activities.

The biggest portion of profit earned by Toschas returns as an investment in the knowledge and quality of employees and the production process itself.

When hiring, it’s about capabilities, potential, a wish to learn and generally positive attitude towards others.

What we have created is a healthy, live environment which is always proactive and stretching the limits.