The Usual Pain of Development

We all know how it goes. You have an idea, your startup gets funded, you find a development team. The team seems nice, they make promises and the development starts.

But, somehow, it always gets more expensive and takes more time than you planned at the beginning. If you have done it before, try putting it on paper and you will see that more often than not it is a multiple of an initial amount of time and money you have planned to spend.

Somehow the tasks last longer than expected, you usually have to give up on many features you have planned for the next release and this affects both your marketing and funding plans.

Very often you don’t even get what you wanted, it doesn’t seem to work completely as it should and new features break the old ones too often.

While this is happening, the team gets paid for every hour they spent working. So, they don’t feel any of the consequences of the broken promises or bad work.

But you do. And even worse, you don’t even know what is going to happen next. The future of your project is completely out of your control. It has a life of its own but you are the one making promises and standing behind it.

Why is This Happening?

Well, there are several reasons:

  1. The team does not suffer any consequence for not shipping proper deliverables.
  2. The team very often promises stuff they cannot deliver just to get the job and then they try to handle it along the way.
  3. Developers are not well trained or supervised and most of the decisions as well as working style is left to them.
  4. There are no skilled people that have knowledge and experience to specify the requests well.
  5. There is not one single person responsible for the production process that will protect it even from yourself.

How Did Toschas Solve This?

By delivering fixed feature sets, one by one. And even better, each feature set is 100% guaranteed to be on time and well-tested or we bare the consequences. Basically – you make the request and we make the rules. Then, we can promise stuff and you get it 100% as promised when you were promised, delivered and tested.

How do we guarantee the delivery?

  1. We estimate and charge for each feature set separately, before it is developed.
  2. The customer gets a specific end date and price
  3. If we don’t deliver it on time and as specified, the customer gets 50% off the price
  4. If we don’t deliver twice in a row, the customer gets the whole feature set for free

The only rule is to let us do what we know has to be done. You should just worry about setting feature priorities and communicating any hard deadlines on your side.

And Wait… There’s More!

We know how to say thank you so working with us also brings some nice benefits:

  1. Each new customer can get a trial period during which you get the feature set completely for free if we don’t deliver.
  2. Technical product management is included in the feature set price.
  3. Manual testing and functional verification of the features are included in the feature set price.
  4. We have various kinds of discounts that you can obtain e.g. for giving us a review, a feedback, for certain kinds of contract clauses and our most favorite – a discount for a good and successful partnership period of 15 feature set cycles.