Herio Boomerang

Herio is a New York-based financial startup providing loans to small and medium-sized businesses. We created a complex online platform for application and loan approval through underwriting.

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What the Client Requested

The client wanted a reliable application to follow through their idea: giving microloans to small businesses in less than 48h since the request is submitted.

This project included integration with public services, handling sensitive data and analyzing their underwriting process in order to make a complex mechanism for loan approval.

What We Delivered

  • Large‐scale project
  • REST API + single page web/mobile clients architecture
  • Easy‐to‐use API testing interface
  • Integration with third‐party SOAP and REST API
  • Hosted on Heroku
  • PostgreSQL Databse
  • Ruby on Rails backend
  • AngularJS frontend
  • Agile production process
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Business Analysis, Project Management, Software Architecture, UI/UX, Development, QA

They are very articulate and very knowledgeable about their expertise. I always felt that the customer service was great, and they definitely take a real ownership role to the product. It's great to have them as part of that collaborative effort.

Patrick H. Janson Head of Product Management, Herio Capital, Inc.

Team Size


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