Inhouse project.

  • Ponto is a software for distributors who own a warehouse and have salespeople on sight.
  • Tablet application is for sales people. It presents products, information about them, as well as info about clients.
  • Manager application manages the warehouse, documents, clients and salespeople. This is where managers can take care of the invoices, clients, products and track salespeople.
  • There is a simple invoice management functionality.
  • People in charge of the warehouse are able to do stocktaking using a barcode scan.

What We Created

  • Large‐scale project
  • Hosting on DigitalOcean (deploying with capistrano)
  • Continuous Integration
  • Ruby on Rails backend
  • Multi‐tenant application
  • REST API + single page web/mobile clients architecture
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • AngularJS (frontend)
  • Agile production process, Test Driven Development
  • Internal Startup Project (Project Management, Software Architecture, UI/UX, Development, QA)

Beautiful and easy interface

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Team Size


Backend Developers


Frontend Developers


Manual Tester