Inhouse project.

  • Ponto is a software for distributors who own a warehouse and have salespeople on sight.
  • Tablet application is for sales people. It presents products, information about them, as well as info about clients.
  • Manager application manages the warehouse, documents, clients and salespeople. This is where managers can take care of the invoices, clients, products and track salespeople.
  • There is a simple invoice management functionality.
  • People in charge of the warehouse are able to do stocktaking using barcode scan.

What the Client Requested

The Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade approached us to develop a CMS for their needs. They wanted to gather news and announcements about events organized by any Embassy of Sweden in the Balkan region.

They wanted data entry, multiple users, data filtering, data hosting and design.

What We Delivered

  • Large‐scale project
  • Hosting on DigitalOcean (deploying with capistrano)
  • Continuous Integration
  • Ruby on Rails backend
  • Multi‐tenant application
  • REST API + single page web/mobile clients architecture
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • AngularJS (frontend)
  • Agile production process, Test Driven Development
  • Internal Startup Project (Project Management, Software Architecture, UI/UX, Development, QA)

Beautiful and easy interface

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Team Size


Frontend Developers