Swedish DocuPortal

Swedish DocuPortal is a portal for events organized by embassies of Sweden in Balkans.

Here you can browse projects the embassies have implemented in areas of politics, trade promotion and culture exchange in each country.

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What the Client Requested

The Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade approached us to develop a CMS for their needs. They wanted to gather news and announcements about events organized by any Embassy of Sweden in the Balkan region.

They wanted data entry, multiple users, data filtering, data hosting and design.

What We Delivered

  • Small‐scale project
  • Hosting on DigitalOcean (deploying with capistrano)
  • Agile production process
  • Continuous Integration
  • Full Rails web app
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Test Driven Development
  • Project Management, Software Architecture, UI/UX, Development, QA

I found Toschas to be easy to work with. They made an effort in understanding what we were trying to achieve, and ultimately, they did deliver. My contact from the agency was very friendly and understanding of our needs.

Slavica Marković-Sandić Communications and Public Diplomacy Officer, Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade

Team Size


Backend Developers


Frontend Developers


Manual Tester